Management Consulting for Media, Tech and the Attention Economy

We help
IP owners
build value by looking
at the overlooked
We find actionable, value-creating
patterns backed by data and expertise

How will you stand out in the attention economy?

You got here. How will you get there?

Creativity. Output. Business Model. Data & Tech. Funding. People and Relationships. The Six Superpowers of business. Some combination of these got your business to where it is today, but is it the right mix for where you want it to go? We provide media and entertainment consulting, startup acceleration, and scaling and exit strategies backed by real-life experience. Find your next winning move with the help of our expertise.​

Media and Entertainment Consulting

Entertainment Analytics

The World Is Watching

We work with TV, film, and streaming production and distribution companies to create media strategies that help them navigate a world of increasing expectations, costs, and competition while uncovering opportunities. We advise IP Owners or IP-creating companies in multiple languages who want to turn that IP into franchises that build lasting value.

Media Growth Strategies

The World Is Listening

We work with those in the business of sound (audiobooks, podcasts, music) to help them turn it into a sound business.

Start-Up Acceleration

From Scaling To Succession

We’re here to help start-up founders who have secured VC funding and want to scale in a sustainable way, creating the path to maximize returns for all shareholders, including themselves.

Get to know Owl & Co.

We are a management consulting firm servicing media, tech and the attention economy.

We find actionable, value-creating patterns across haystacks of premium research and public data, seen through the lens of our founder, Hernan Lopez (Fox International Channels; Wondery), and his advisors, with the help of AI.

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