Entertainment Media Trends and Analytics

The World Is Watching

“Our 10pm show used to compete with every other show at 10pm,” said one network exec at the dawn of the streaming age, “and now it’s competing with every show ever created.” Now add in every language, short or long-form, and every kind of budget.

Navigating an Inflection Point

How do you decide what to make, what to acquire, what to sell, and how to maximize value when the international media distribution of shows produced everywhere is giving increasingly curious viewers more options than ever?

If you sell your TV show or movie to Netflix (or a competitor), what is your Netflix market share? And how can you better understand key data and insights that drive decision-making algorithms at streaming companies, FAST channels, and traditional broadcasters?

We’re going through an inflection point, with streaming viewing figures becoming increasingly available and expected – yet hard to analyze. Among all entertainment consulting firms, why choose us? Because, with our proprietary entertainment analytics including CPMVH and real-life experience reading media consumption trends and unit economics, we will help you devise both the creative and licensing strategies to stand out in the streaming landscape.

What value can you gain from our analytics, trends, and media strategies?

We can help you find patterns to find winning moves in areas including:

Media consumption trends

Streaming monetization and unit economics

Standing out in the streaming landscape

International expansion

International media distribution

Multiple languages


Pitching your show

What’s the Price of a Viewing Hour?