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The Six Superpowers of Business

Starting and scaling a business is hard – whether you’re doing it on your own or as part of an existing organization. 

The effect of seemingly small decisions (business structure types, early hires vs scaling hires) compounds over time. Yet once you seem to ‘hit the flywheel’ new skill sets are needed, often every year. And finally, with so much on your plate, is it worth it to spend any time preparing for an exit that may be years away? Is it worth it to think about succession planning since science keeps expanding our lifespans? (The answers: Yes and Yes) 

Using our “Six Superpowers of Business” framework (Creativity, Output, Business Model, Data & Tech, Funding, People & Relationships) we will help you see how your business ‘got here’ and what it needs to ‘get there’. Our experience in building businesses comes from real life, both from zero to one (Wondery) as well as from within a large public company (multiple new divisions of Fox International Channels), and finally as LPs in some of the most successful VC firms in the US. As a consulting firm for start-ups, we’ll bring our expertise to you to help you figure out how to scale a business, with a special focus on those who have received VC or PE funding.

What value can you gain from our management consulting services?

We can help your business grow and scale with expert guidance around:

How to Scale

Company Culture

Key Positions to Have

Team Building Process

How to Raise Your Next Round

Equity Structure

How to Form a Board of Directors

Succession Planning

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?