Netflix Releases 2023 Viewership Data

On May 23rd, Netflix released viewership data for 16,0o00 titles globally for the second half of 2023. We combined those numbers with other data sources we’ve been aggregating over the last six months to look at the bigger picture.

First, a look at the week-by-week Viewership Hours per title reveals how quickly Netflix viewers consume newly launched shows and movies. This is partially due to what we call the ‘hamster-wheel’ pattern unique to Netflix: a high volume of launches, almost all on a binge-release schedule.

The Night Agent” (Sony) was their most watched title of 2023 with nearly 1bn viewing hours, followed by “Ginny and Georgia: S2” (Critical Content), “The Glory” (CJ ENM), “Wednesday” (Amazon MGM) and “King The Land” (BY4m). However, when we aggregate viewership for each show across all seasons, other familiar names emerge...

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