Netflix Top 20 Global TV Hits: April 2024

Korean drama “Queen of Tears” (CJ ENM) was Netflix’s most viewed TV show globally in April 2024

Korean drama is back at the top of Netflix’s global TV viewership charts, with “Queen of Tears” (CJ ENM’s Studio Dragon/Culture Depot) delivering 279m viewing hours in April 2024, according to our analysis of weekly Top 10 rankings[1]. “Baby Reindeer” (BBC’s Clerkenwell) followed with 150m, after delivering some of the strongest platform-wide retention rates on week 2 and week 3 we have seen in our database.

Exceptional platform-wide retention rates are also driving the continued success of “Queen of Tears”, with 6 consecutive weeks of growth. German drama “Crooks” (Leonine’s W&B TV), US unscripted show, “Unlocked: A Jail Experiment” (Netflix) and the animated “Bad Dinosaurs” (Snafu Pictures) are among the shows that built the most audience week-over-week[2].

Consistent with recent months, half of the shows in the Top 20 were originally produced in languages other than English, although they’re seen by viewers all around the world (in addition to Korean and German, Spanish, French, Norwegian and Turkish shows made the cut).

In April, only 3 of the Top 20 were Unscripted (versus 5 in March), with “Unlocked” being the top performer in the category...

[1] For our methodology, refer to our April 3, 2024 post, “Introducing a new monthly ranking”.

[2] Our research tracks platform-wide retention rate for all TV shows that have made a Global Top 10 Netflix ranking, normalized for comparability. Retention in weeks 2 and 3 tends to be an indicator of longevity

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