Streamonomics: Mid-Year 2024 (including Netflix Top 20 Global TV Hits: June)

It will surprise no one that Shondaland’s “Bridgerton: S3” topped our Netflix Top 20 Global TV Hits ranking in June, with 433m Viewing Hours (and 630m for the four Bridgerton seasons combined). We will get to the ranking shortly, including some data points that will surprise people, unless they’ve been following Streamonomics.

Over the last month, we added some key data points to our Streamonomics thesis[1], centered on the levers of value creation for both buyers and sellers. Here’s a preview:

1.    The Streaming Wars are giving way to multiple battles

Gone are the days when streamers were analyzed primarily on how many subs they added each quarter. As the ‘pivot-to-profit’ drive kicked in starting in 2022, most...

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