Netflix Top 20 Global TV Hits: May 2024

Bridgerton delivers half a billion viewing hours for Netflix in May

Shondaland’s “Bridgerton: S3” topped our May 2024 ranking of Global TV Hits on Netflix, despite launching mid-month with only 4 episodes currently available. Viewers also binged on prior seasons and the spinoff “Queen Charlotte”, bringing the franchise’s total viewing hours to half a billion worldwide.

Netflix is holding back the last four episodes of Bridgerton: S3 for mid-June, a strategy they have used with other big series to extend the time they spend in the cultural zeitgeist. (For more, see our May 28 newsletter, covering Netflix’s full-year 2023 viewership including our “hamster wheel” chart).

Korean drama “Queen of Tears” (Studio Dragon/Culture Depot) and buzzy hit Baby Reindeer (Clerkenwell), last month’s #1 and #2 shows, retained and gained viewers, respectively Top new entries this month include Hindi drama “Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar” (#6), David E. Kelley’s drama “A Man In Full” (#8) and special The Roast of Tom Brady (#10) (HartBeat/199/Casey Patterson)...

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